New Patients

If you wish to register with the Practice, please visit us and talk to our receptionists. It would be a great help if you could bring with you your up-to-date medical card, if you cannot find it, do not despair. Simply see our receptionist and ensure you know the following details:

  • Full name, including previous names
  • Date and place of birth
  • Previous address
  • New address and post code
  • Last name and address of your previous Doctor
  • NHS number if known - not the same as your National Insurance Number
  • Identification Document (original) or student ID card
  • Download Registration Form

In order to register as a new patient, we need you to attend in person. You will be asked to fill in a Registration form, New Patient Questionnaire and an Ethnicity Questionnaire for each person who wishes to register. To save you time, you can download all of the necessary forms from here so that you can fill them in before you come to the surgery.

Please remember to print off and fill in a complete set of forms for each person who wishes to register as a patient.
NHS New Patient Registration Form
Ethnicity Questionnaire
New Patient Health Questionnaire

Download a complete set of registration forms >>

Newly Registered?

You may consult any of the doctors and nurses at the surgery, as you are registered with the practice and not an individual partner. You will be however be allocated a nominal partner on registration but this is for administrative purposes only. We encourage you however to remain with a particular Doctor or Nurse for any ongoing problem, as this helps continuity of care.

Please give the Receptionists full details of any change of name, address or telephone number for you or for any member of your family.

If you move from the practice area (see map) we will have to ask you to register with an alternative practice covering your new residential area.

If you have a significant past medical history you may be requested to have an initial health check with the practice nurses and an appointment time will be arranged for this. This is a good opportunity for us to meet you and find out about any medical problems before your notes arrive from your last practice.

Do you live in the practice area?

Go here to check if your postcode falls within the Cruddas Park Practice area.